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How to get rid of chicken-weed

How to get rid of chicken-weed


Chicken-weed is a tough annual weed that is found in spring and fall and thrives best in cold climates. It can be used to feed animals, or make tea, as it is edible. Even so, this weed is still harmful for your garden.

There are a few efficient ways of getting rid of chicken-weed.

Pulling the weeds out by hand

Chicken-weed has a shallow root system, thus pulling it out by hand is the most effective way of getting rid of it. It is best you do this before the weed begins to stop it from spreading.

Using weed fertilizer

You can also use weed fertilizer to get rid of chicken-weed if it has spread wildly. Use a spraying bottle and set it for thick coverage. The weeds will not be able to germinate as the lawn will grow healthier and thicker.

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide

Before you plant any vegetables or other plants, you can apply some pre-emergent herbicide to the soil that will eliminate the chicken-weed before it can grow. Use this solution for about 2 weeks before planting anything.

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