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Plant watering station

Plant watering station


When trying to water outdoor patio containers in apartments, the proper amount of water isn’t used, to avoid excessive water from dripping down the pot. A portable water station is needed to fix this issue.

Begin by buying a medium or a large bucket, which can be made out of plastic or metal.

Also, buy a 6- 10 inch terracotta pot. Place the pot upside down into the bucket. The bigger the bucket, the larger the pot. Position a potted plant in the bucket, on the pot and then, using a watering can, water the plant’s soil. Let the water drain away before putting the plant back where it was. Repeat the process for all the plants. Empty the bucket so it doesn’t cover the terracotta pot. For hanging pots, you need to water them while the pots are placed on the rim of the bucket. Make sure the soil drains completely before removing the bucket.


  • Set plants that are too large for the watering station on a plastic saucer.
  • Depending on how many plants you have, the size of the watering station will vary.
  • Decorate the watering station. Insert the bucket in a hose in a table in order to give it a more pleasant look.
  • Drained water must be discarded and mustn’t be reused.
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