About chimney charcoal starter

A chimney charcoal starter is used to light charcoal easy and quick. Using a charcoal started means you don’t have to use lighter fluid, thus minimizing any harmful fumes that might be emitted.


  1. Put the charcoal starter upside down.
    Roll 2 pieces of paper and put them around the charcoal starter base. To allow air to enter, leave an open space in the middle of the circle you made.
  2. Place the charcoal started on a fireproof surface and fill it with charcoal or pieces of wood.
  3. Insert a lit match in one of the holes at the base of the charcoal starter to ignite the paper.
  4. Let the fuel burn for 15 minutes before spreading it out evenly on the grill.


Wear protective gloves when using the charcoal starter.

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