About chimney flashing

When you are thinking about making some repairs to the exterior of the house, you mustn’t overlook the chimney. Chimney flashings can loosen or wear and tear off because of harsh weather conditions. If you spot leaking from your roof or chimney, you’d better act quick and replace the chimney flashing.

Installation tips

A chimney flashing must be replaced if it is rusted or loose or it isn’t there at all anymore. If you plan on replacing the shingles on the roof, you could take some time to check the chimney flashing and replace it if needed.

The chimney flashing depends on the type of shingles you use for the roof. Chimney flashing for wood and asphalt shingles is different than the one for slate and tile shingles. To replace the chimney flashing you must use the right tools to cut the metal sheet perfectly around the chimney. If you don’t feel comfortable working at heights, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you.

Safety precautions

Before you start the chimney flashing replacing process, make sure you have everything you need. You will need some basic tools and supplies: hammer, grinder, new chimney flashing, ice-and-water barrier, tin-snips. You will also need some safety related items: safety harness, stable ladder and brackets, extending anchors.

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