About chimney flue caps

If you need a chimney flue cap, you must search for the right one for your chimney. Flue caps keep out rainwater and debris and also, prevent sparks from shooting out the chimney and possibly igniting the surroundings.


The 2 most popular flue cap materials are copper and stainless steel.

Whilst steel caps are considered the most cost effective, copper caps have a bonus feature when it comes to esthetics. Both types of caps come with life time warranties. Steel caps can be covered in heat resistant coating to increase their lifespan. galvanized steel caps are cheaper than other types but also less resistant. One disadvantage of copper caps is that they are exposed to corrosion.


Cap screens increase the overall efficiency of the caps. The screens prevents rainwater, debris and even small animals from entering the flue and damaging it or clogging it. Also, cap screens help prevent fires that occur because of sparks that shoot out through the chimney and ignite the surroundings.

Extra features

Excepting the usual features of a chimney cap, some caps have special features that permit them to increase the draft of the chimney, or have fans that pull the smoke out of the chimney. Some caps improve ventilation. Purchasing such a multifunctional cap makes the the choice cost effective.


You will need the right dimensions of the flue in order to buy a proper cap. Measure the width and length of the flue if it is rectangular, and measure the inner and outer diameter of the flue if it is round. The cap must be securely tighten to the flue in order to function properly and avoid being blown away by the wind.

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