About chimney pipes

A chimney pipe can be attached to a stove, fireplace, boiler, water heater or chimney. It can be either class A or class B. The class A pipe is a vent exhaust.

The class B pipe is has both an intake and exhaust mechanism.

Chimney pipe functionality

A chimney pipe is used as an exhaust pathway for fumes coming from a household appliance. The most common pipe is the straight, cylindrical one. Some pipes have bends to get around any obstacles that lead to the outdoors.

Chimney pipe necessity

The chimney pipe is necessary to exhaust fumes coming from any appliance. If not, the house becomes enveloped in the smoke and endangers the inhabitants. The pipe comes in different degrees of insulation, depending on its purpose.

Chimney pipe

For chimneys, the pipe is actually a liner that acts like an exhaust route. For small, wood-burning fireplaces, a chimney pipe is needed to perform the exhaust function, allowing the buildup of heat and getting rid of the smoke.

Class A or class B pipes

A class A pipe is the most commonly used for exhaust purposes only. It provides ventilation. The class B pipe is used in gas-burning stoves and heaters. It sucks air from outside to fuel the fire in the stove. This pipe has a special venting system.

Chimney pipes are chosen depending on the fuel you use. Oil, coal and wood burning stoves use a class A chimney pipe. Corn, pellet-burning appliances require a class B chimney pipe that offers more than just simple ventilation. This is also available for gas stoves. It is recommended that you hire a professional to install the chimney pipe for a gas stove, because any leaks can be deadly.

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