About chimney protective screens

Birds tend to nest on top of the top of the chimney. This can cause blockage and user issues. Apart from nesting on the chimney, birds can also enter the house this way.


  1. To keep birds out and away from your chimney, you should install a chimney screen. Basically a chimney screen is a piece of wire mesh that goes over the chimney top opening and is secured using screws. It can be purchased at any home improvement store and must be inspected each year.
  2. Installing a chimney cap is also an effective way of keeping birds out of the chimney. You may need professional help depending on the chimney type. The cap also prevents water and debris from entering the chimney, whilst a chimney screen doesn’t.
  3. A ultrasonic sound device can be installed at the top of the chimney to scare birds away. The sound can’t be heard by humans. The device doesn’t give any protection to the chimney and should be used in combination with a screen or cap.
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