About chimney sweeping

Nowadays, the need to hire a professional chimney sweeper is certainly much lower than it once was. A chimney sweeper now must also help maintain the fireplace and other systems that use oil, natural gas or even wood, in a proper state.

Modern sweeping

The modern sweeper uses the traditional brush but also other modern equipment including the vacuum.

The sweeper must also inspect, discover and prevent any hazards related to the chimney that may occur.


The sweeping operation must be done to maintain the efficiency and good state of a chimney, fireplace or stove. Thus, avoiding fire hazards and other unwanted surprises.


Even if not all chimney sweepers require a license in the U.S., it is still recommended to see the sweeper’s license so that you know he has the required skills and knowledge related to chimney sweeping.


A chimney sweeper must know how to install a chimney liner and a flue system and must also know hot to clean and maintain them. Knowing how to maintain a heating system or a cooking appliance that is connected to the chimney, will assure you a longer chimney efficiency and less fume emissions.

Soot and debris

A chimney sweeper must know how to remove soot and debris from a chimney as efficiently as possible. He must also know how to use a vacuum so that he removes all the soot and byproducts.

Other activities

A chimney sweeper must know not only how to remove byproducts from the chimney, but also how to install a new chimney system, according to the latest safety and building regulations.

The most important quality a chimney sweeper must have is a great physical shape. Also, he mustn’t be disturbed by getting dirty and dusty.

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