About round chimney cap

Installing a round chimney cap to protect both your chimney and fireplace is easy and doesn’t require anything more than the right tools and a proper set of instructions.

Choose a cap

Chimney caps can be made out of copper, stainless steel, steel or aluminum. It can have a spark arrestor or a screen attached.

The screen is used to keep out rainwater, debris and even small animals from entering the chimney. If you have draft problems, purchasing a cap with a draft inducer is ideal. Choose wisely because caps with a  turbine will get clogged because of creosote, whilst cross-sectional vents are not recommended for open flames.

Installation methods

Installing the chimney cap will differ from chimney to chimney. Metal chimneys can be double or triple-walled. When installing the cap, you need to measure the inner diameter of the flue and the outer diameter of the chimney. After picking the right one, all you have to do is slide the cap on and secure it in place with screws. A chimney cap must always be 5 inches higher any chimney flue. If you have clay tile flues, you can push the cap down the flue and caulk it with 3/8 inch silicone sealant bead. In the case of a masonry chimney, if the flue is under the crown you have to install a top-mounted cap that has a leg kit or bracket.


Follow the instructions given by the chimney cap producer. Check if the brackets must be mounted using adhesive or need to be screwed in place. If you need to screw the cap, use 1/4 inch diameter screws that are at least 1 and a half inches long. Find out the height of the guide holes placing the cap flange on the crown. Drill 3/16 inch masonry bit and then. Make sure the screws are 12 inches away one from another. Tighten all the screws and you’re done.

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