About the chimney brush

When searching for the best chimney brush you can find, keep in mind that there is no so called standard brush because most chimneys have unique features including size and shape.

  • To choose the right sized brush, measure the inner dimensions of the chimney.
  • Before measuring anything, you must remove the chimney cap if your chimney is pre-fabricated or of metal.
  • If you have a metal chimney, avoid scratching or wearing the steel liner, by purchasing a poly brush.
  • In the case of masonry chimneys, it is important to measure the inner flue liner in both directions. Always keep in mind that a brush must be at least as big as the liner.

Why own a chimney brush?

A crucial task related to chimneys is maintenance. That includes cleaning the chimney, otherwise, the chimney fire will not burn as it should or even cause a fire hazard.

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