About the chimney flashing

The chimney requires frequent maintenance and inspection. The chimney flashing is a component of the chimney highly susceptible to tearing and loosening. Many times, replacing the flashing is the only way to fix it and avoid roof leaks.

Flashing installation

If any problem affects your chimney flashing, you need to replace it. This involves replacing the roof shingles also. Depending on the roof shingles, the flashing will differ. You must be alright working with heights, if not, a professional must be hired to do the job for you. This is also available if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

Safety precautions

You will require safety gear and tools like a safety harness, a stable ladder and brackets, ice-and-water barrier, hammer, extending anchors, tin-snips, a grinder, and the correct size chimney flashing if you choose to complete the task yourself.

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