About the chimney liner kit

There are many types and sizes of liners available on the market. Make sure you take every factor into consideration before purchasing any liner kit.

Chimney and Appliances

If you own an old chimney, it may or may not have a liner.

In some areas, a metal flue liner is requires on a new construction, whilst old masonry chimneys require clay tiles or no liner at all. If the chimney doesn’t have a liner, the mortar joints and chimney walls will become damaged over time because of the heat. Installing a chimney liner will prevent all of these issues and provides a smooth escape route for gases and fumes. Measure the chimney and flue opening. See if there are any bends in the system. Choose a liner kit that suits your needs. Liners can’t suit any stove. For example, a clay tile liner is unsuitable for a wood burning stove.

Liner kit type

Liners can be made out of clay tiles, stainless steel or cast-in-place concrete. Clay tile liners are the most impractical of them all, because you need to break through the masonry. A complex but durable choice is the cast-in-place liner and must be installed by a licensed contractor. The stainless steel liner is easy to install and includes either a rigid or a flexible chimney liner, depending on your needs. The liner from the kit must fit exactly your chimney. If possible, insulate the gap between the flue liner and the chimney walls. This way no heat is lost, and creosote is less likely to develop.

Tools and materials needed

If you want to install a stainless steel flue liner, you will need:

  • a chimney cap
  • a top plate
  • pipe or liner
  • a bottom cap
  • removable snout or tee connector
  • installation instructions
  • tape measure
  • hack saw
  • utility knife
  • rope
  • screwdriver
  • silicone sealant

You will need someone to assist you to position and seal the liner.

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