About the wood stove chimney pipe

The wood stove chimney pipe is an important piece of the chimney. There are important factors that need to be taken into consideration like design and installation method. Other factors that will determine the chimney pipe you need is the wood stove you use.

Choose a pipe that allows proper oxygen flow and can withstand high temperatures so that all fuels are burned efficiently.


Baffles assure a higher fuel efficiency increasing turbulence. This way the fuel is kept more in the firebox and directed to the fire to burn more efficiently, increasing the heat the stove creates. You can also find insulated baffles that increase the gas temperature.


A proper airflow increases the efficiency of the stove, because inside the chimney the pipes will preheat the primary and secondary air, giving the stove another form of combustion.

Firebrick insulation

The chimney pipe firebox or firebricks must be insulated to assure a complete combustion and help heat the room more efficient.


Make sure you take the certification and emission standards into consideration. You can’t mount any chimney pipe to your wood stove because you can endanger yourself and your house. The exhaust of stove must be properly regulated to avoid any unpleasant and hidden dangers. In the U.S. EPA or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulates wood stoves. The stoves are tested to see the level of particulates that are produced. Some stoves can’t be sold on the market because of the high level of particulates they produce. A stove must be alright by the EPA standards.

Secondary combustion

Nowadays, there are more and more stoves that have the secondary combustion feature. Theses stoves store and eliminate the dangerous chemicals and toxic substances in the firebox before the heat is vented into the house.

The most important things to look for at a stove are: “Proper oxygen supply, high burning temperature and enough time for the gasses to burn before they cool and become useless.

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