Advantages of a chimney fan

A chimney fan is used to provide a proper draft, sucking out smoke. It is placed at the top of the chimney. It has many advantages.


The chimney fan draws smoke out of the chimney. This way, the inside of the house is smoke-free, protecting your health. Also, the overall heat of the fireplace is improved.

Fireplace ventilation

A chimney fan will lower the energy consumption and improve the ventilation of the fireplace, improving the airflow.

Lighting and maintaining

A chimney fan assures proper ventilation, thus making the fire easier to light and the fireplace easier to maintain.

Indoor air

The indoor air is cleaner because a chimney fan will prevent smoke, soot and dust from entering the room. This protects your health.

Reduced carbon monoxide poisoning

Installing a chimney fan will prevent toxic fumes and carbon monoxide from entering the room. This way, your health is not put at risk.

Reduced chance of fire

The chimney fan prevents the chimney from overheating. It will turn on if the temperature is too high and will turn off if the temperature is too low.

Energy conservation

A chimney fan will help conserve energy, because you won’t need to continuously add fuel to the fire.

Summer ventilator

In summer time, a chimney fan can function like a ventilator. Just turn it on when the fire isn’t burning.

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