Brick chimney pressure wash

Before you can start pressure washing a brick chimney, you must think about the effects it will have against fragile bricks. Plan the process before starting.

Tools and materials needed

  • Sweeps rods and brush
  • Pressure washer
  • Soft brush
  • Material to mop up water

Inspect exterior bricks

You must inspect the outer layer of bricks and look for any signs of damage.

Rough weather conditions may have affected the structural integrity of the bricks. Use a brush to sweep the surface of the bricks. Dust might be hiding signs of damage.

Inspect interior bricks

The bricks on the inside can be effected by extreme heat. Over time the bricks will become damaged. You must decide to which point you can pressure wash the chimney.


Get rid of any soot and debris using rods and a brush. The chimney must be well cleaned before pressure washed. If you mop the water that flows down the chimney, the soot that comes with it will act as a barrier stopping water from flowing from the chimney front.

Interior cleaning

To clean the interior of the chimney you must start from the top and work your way to the bottom. Pressure higher than 400 psi is not recommended. A fan spray is enough to get rid of all the dirt and soot in the chimney. The firebox also must be cleaned, along with the firebricks. Avoid washing the soot down into a single spot, because it might dry out and block the flue.

Exterior cleaning

The exterior of the chimney must be pressure washed mainly the same way as the interior. Work your way from top to bottom, do not raise the pressure higher than 400 psi and be prepared for some tuck pointing, because bricks and mortar may  have loosen or fallen during the wash.

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