Building a fireplace chimney

There are many things you need to take in consideration when building a fireplace in your home. An obvious and important one excepting the fireplace of course is the construction chimney.

Chimney building

You must know some facts regarding the dimensions of the chimney and other measurements related to it.

The chimney must be overall 4 inches bigger than the flue and 2 inches away from any interior parts of the house, especially of those made of wood. Chimneys built on the outside of the home must be only 1 inch away from it’s wall. A chimney must also stick out 3 feet above the roof and 2 feet above any higher part of the roof that is within 10 feet of the chimney. Using a pre-cast concrete cap with a drip edge and a silicon sealant on the join between it and the upper part of the flue will improve the efficiency of your chimney.

Chimney strengthening

To prevent the chimney from unsettling because of earthquakes, install a reinforcing bar in the corners of the chimney. These bars can be either placed between the cells of the bricks or between the flue liner and the surrounding bricks.

Flue wrapping

To seal the area and allow the liner to expand or shrink freely without endangering the masonry that surround it, wrap the liner in 1/8 inch ceramic fiber paper socks. The last thing you need to to is bind the materials that surround the liner with pencil rods in the joints about every 18 inches. An exterior chimney on the other hand, needs to be anchored both at the top (roof) and bottom (floor).

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