Caring For Mountain Laurel Shrubs

The Mountain Laurel Shrub is a native of the Eastern US Mountains and looks good as borders, accent plants or hedges. Their beautiful flowers grouped in clusters and attractive evergreen foliage with long leaves make them a good choice for ornamental purposes.

They grow up to 10 m high, but at a slow rate so they require minimal pruning, and flower colors vary from white to maroon and even mixed shades.

The buds develop in late autumn and bloom in spring. It’s toxic to humans but it will not affect dogs and cats.

In case you want to grow one, you should know that they don’t need much care. It is better you get one from a nursery than the wild and plant it in partial shade if you want it to bloom. Prepare the location by adding humus, sand and peat moss and don’t burry it too deep in the soil, making sure the plant crown stays just above the soil otherwise it might rot. Water it regularly in the beginning then slowly reduce the amount of water, keeping the soil moist.

You can add fertilizer, preferably a slow release one, in early spring or late fall. Mulching is better done with pine needles or wood chips. If you remove the seed heads during flowering season, you will have good flowering next year.

evergreen foliage, fertilizer, humus, minimal pruning, Mountain Laurel Shrub, peat moss, sand