Chimney clean out door

Situated either behind the fireplace or outside the house, the chimney clean out door is the place through which you take rubbish out.

Clean out door

Get rid of any bricks, debris and dust before you open the chimney clean out door.


Looking through the stuff you took out, you can determine whether or not the chimney flue is damaged or not.

When opening the clean out door you should see light coming from the chimney top. If daylight doesn’t get into the chimney this means the flue is damaged or blocked. Finding bricks, caulk or flue tile liner through the debris means the liner is damaged and finding concrete means the chimney top is damaged and can create a hazard. After closing the clean out door, inspect the surroundings for any leaks, damaged concrete and ash seepage.


You shouldn’t throw any debris taken out of the chimney along side with regular debris, because they considered building rubble. Wear protective gear when cleaning, like a soot suit, rubber gloves and a mask. You shouldn’t attempt this task on a windy day.

Brick replacement

Any worn off bricks that make up the brick door should be replaced before the fireplace itself falls apart. Use a hammer and a chisel to get rid of the mortar around the loose or damaged bricks and replace those bricks. Frame the clean out door with.

Iron clean out door

An iron clean out door is a great addition to the house, and it is purchased for aesthetic reasons. Still, regardless of the clean out door type, maintenance is very important.

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