Chimney cleaning logs

Chimney cleaning logs are used to get rid of the accumulation of debris, creosote, tar and soot that set on the chimney walls.

Building material

Chemical solutions and special additives are used when making chimney cleaning logs to reduce the tar and creosote that deposits in the chimney. These cleaning logs can be used in a furnace, stove, fireplace, heater or boiler that work using wood or logs.

Cleaning logs advantages

The waste material resulted after burning logs in a chimney can deposit on the chimney walls and can cause a fire if not removed. Chimney cleaning logs will produce a different kind of waste, which stays into big chunks after burning and is not as sticky and rough as creosote.

Chimney cleaning logs products

  • The Super-sweep Chimney Cleaning Log
  • The Imperial Chimney Cleaning Log
  • The Kel Kem Chimney Cleaning Log
  • The Kel Kem Creosote Conditioner

Cleaning logs disadvantages

If you do use cleaning logs, that doesn’t mean that chimney maintenance is no longer needed. Inspecting and cleaning the chimney regularly is crucial, because the cleaning logs don’t offer enough protection by themselves. Log producers say that their product is used burning one or two logs and a piece can last for about one hour and a half. It is said that the product will reduce the build up of creosote by 60%

Cleaning logs concerns

The Washington Public Fire Educators explains that the way chimney cleaning logs burn, might actually increase the threat of a fire or that the logs will burn and through the process, the creosote will collect at the bottom and cause a fire. Inspecting and cleaning the chimney regularly is the most effective way of keeping the home safe.

Chimney cleaning and maintenance

When cleaning the chimney you must sweep and brush the creosote, dirt, leaves and any other debris away. Thus, the possibility of a fire hazard is drastically reduced.


  • Using cleaning logs still means you need to clean the chimney regularly.
  • Check for any cracks or gaps in the chimney. They will affect the efficiency of the chimney. As long as there are no imperfections in the chimney, the fuel will burn efficiently and the heat will be conserved as it should, avoiding unclean air and fires.
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