Chimney Cowl Problems

The chimney cowl is used to solve problems related to noises, downdraft and nesting birds upon your chimney. The chimney cowl also has a few problems.

Birds in chimney cowls

The cowl is used to keep birds from nesting on the chimney, but the cheapest chimney cowl type, having a round shape, permits birds to rest on top of them, thus being less effective.

Spinning cowl issue

Spinning chimney cowls are used especially if the house is somewhere in a hilly area. It prevents downdrafts but also has problems. If your chimney cowl starts spinning slowly or stops, its best you just buy a new one than repair the broken one. To avoid this breakdown and increase the lifespan of the cowl, use oil to lube its hinges and screws.

Cowls for active chimneys

Chimney cowls come in different types. Some chimneys can’t function unless they have a cowl installed, because it covers up the entire pot. This way, smoke has no place to go through. Instead of just buying the most extreme cowl you can get, select the right one for you. If you have bird problems, try an anti-roosting spike. It will surely prevent birds from nesting.

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