Chimney cowl types

Chimney cowls, also known as chimney caps are used to prevent wind from drawing the smoke back into the chimney and so into the house. These cowls also keep out small animals from entering the chimney. Chimney cowls are chosen depending on the issues you need fixed, the fuel you use and the weather conditions.

Draft issues

Chimney cowls are very effective against downdrafts that occur in windy areas. Regardless of the fuel type, the chosen cowl can have extra features like, screens to keep out rainwater and small animals.

Rain issues

Not all chimney cowls are efficient in keeping out rainwater. You must search for the right type that is effective in preventing water infiltrations but can also have other functions.

Wind driven

Some cowls are wind driven. Windy conditions will increase their effectiveness. These caps decrease the chance of downdraft.

Spark issues

There are some chimney cowls that prevent sparks from shooting out the chimney and igniting the surroundings. Because of the tar that builds-up around the chimney mesh, proper maintenance is needed to assure that a fire hazard doesn’t occur.


Many chimney cowls are built to keep out small animals. There are many designs to choose from.

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