Chimney crown reparation

The chimney crown protects the chimney from leaks and deterioration, maintaining it functional for a longer time.


  1. Cover the roof with drop cloth. UseĀ  a hammer and a chisel to break the chimney crown.
    Put the pieces in a bucket.
  2. Mix a bag of masonry cement and half a bag of pea gravel in a wheelbarrow. Add water over the mix.
  3. Use a hoe to mix the cement and add water from time to time. When it reaches the right consistency, pour 1 cup of bonding agent over the mixture.
  4. Fill a bucket with the cement. Once on the roof, using a trowel, apply the cement mixture to the chimney, surrounding the flue.
  5. To release any air bubbles, chop the cement with the trowel edge.
  6. The crown must be built 2 inches from the top of the flue if the flue sticks out less than 6 inches and 4 inches where it meets the chimney if it sticks out more than 6 inches.
  7. Using a trowel, shape the crown into a pyramid, sloping it outwards from the flue that must be in the center. Place the cement and smooth it.


  • Apply waterproof sealant on the crown once it has dried.
  • A stainless steel cap will prevent water from seeping into the flue.
  • The tools you work with must be clean.
  • Assistance with the ladder is recommended.
  • Work on the roof of the house only if it is safe enough.
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