Chimney damper

The chimney damper is a device that closes itself in the chimney when the temperature goes over 165 degrees. This device is used to prevent a fire hazard from happening. There are a few things you can do to make sure the damper will never have to close.

  • Build fires that suit the size of your fireplace.
  • Prevent chimney flue fires by cleaning it frequently.
  • Don’t leave an open fire unwatched.
  • Throw water on the fire if it gets too big.
  • Use dry wood as a fuel, as it doesn’t produce too many sparks.

Damper use

When you start a fire, the damper must be open. It is only when the fire is out that you must close the damper using a built in lever. Opening the damper helps smoke coming from the fire go through the chimney and exit it.

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