Chimney damper facts

The chimney damper is a very important addition to the chimney. It not only prevents heat from escaping through the chimney, thus heating the room properly, but it also prevents things like, rainwater or debris from entering the house through the chimney. All you need to do is make the right choice.


Chimney dampers are usually made of metal because it can resist high temperatures efficiently. Even so, these dampers are affected by snow, rain and will wear and tear over time. Rust, corrosion and warping will surely occur. Search for wear and tear resistant dampers. Stainless steel, cast aluminum and cast iron dampers are much more durable and efficient even after a long period of time.

Tight fit

Make sure the damper you purchase will fit tightly to the chimney. If the damper is properly secured, it will decrease the heat loss and prevent moisture from entering. Thus, the lifespan of your chimney will increase. Moisture can damage the chimney mortar and bricks and can lead to mildew, mold and bad smells. A proper damper will decrease the frequency of maintenance.

Energy efficient

A damper must be properly sealed with either silicone rubber gasket and watertight adhesive. Search for such dampers, because they increase the energy efficiency of the fireplace and act as a year-round energy conservation method. The damper will also help keep the house cool in summer time. A loosely installed damper will increase the energy bills.

Feature efficiency

Nowadays, chimney dampers come with improved features. Like caps that keep out small animals and rain and prevent sparks from shooting out the chimney or even a lever that is used to change the chimney draft. This way, back-draft can be avoided. Search for the best multifunctional damper you can find.

Easy to use

If the damper is easy to install, it should be just as easy to remove. This way you will need less time to perform maintenance because the whole process will go faster.

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