Chimney damper safety tips

Whenever a fire isn’t lit in the fireplace, the chimney damper must be used to seal the chimney off and protect it from weather, debris and animals. The damper also keep warmth inside.

Open/Close damper

The damper must be opened when you plan on lighting a fire in the fireplace.

If not, the chimney will be blocked and smoke will enter the chimney room. This can also lead to a fire hazard. The same risks are available for a partially opened damper. Don’t forget to close the damper when the fire dies out, in order to protect the chimney and your house from external factors.


It is crucial that you clean the damper of any debris on a regular basis. The damper requires constant maintenance to avoid the appearance of rust and corrosion. A blocked damper can increase the chance of a house fire.


Do not overuse a damper. If my any means, it shows signs of damage, ware and tear, than the best thing you can do to avoid any fire hazards and faulty chimney use is to replace your chimney damper with a new one.

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