Chimney draft inducer advantages

A chimney draft inducer is ideal for chimneys that have draft problems. The draft inducer surely has many advantages and does what it’s meant to.

Negative air pressure

The chimney draft inducer creates a negative airflow to offset the air pressure coming from wind, thus forcing the air out of the fireplace and out the chimney.

Cold air draft

If the chimney is too cold to create its own upward draft, turning on the draft inducer will generate an artificial draft that will maintain the functionality of the chimney until it heat enough to provide its own natural draft.

Fireplace smoke

Downdrafts causes smoke from the fireplace to enter the house when it should exit through the chimney. If you have this issues, turning on the draft inducer will cancel the downdraft, thus greatly reducing any smoke that may enter the house.

Supplementary air

If the chimney lacks the proper air needed to generate a natural draft, the draft inducer will help generate the supplementary air needed.

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