Chimney flashing maintenance

Regular maintenance is required to keep the chimney flashing in proper shape. The chimney flashing is an important part of the roof because it protects the roof from damage caused by water.

Regular checking

Checking if the roof and chimney flashing are alright must be done as often as you can.

See if the shingles are in place or if they are damaged and inspect the flashing around the chimney and make sure that it is properly connected to the masonry. Any debris from tree branches and leaves to dirt should be cleared away from the flashing.


Resealing the chimney flashing is a simple task that can be done when inspecting the roof and flashing for damage. This task should be done at least once a year, before the cold weather kicks in. All you have to do is remove any possible debris from the area and then apply a layer water proof silicone caulk in the place where the shingles meet the flashing but also where the flashing meets the masonry.

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