Chimney flashing replacement

A chimney flashing consists of metal strips that are connected to the roof shingles and prevent leaks in the roof and water from infiltrating into the house. It is very efficient on keeping leaks to occur.


It’s necessary that you know what to do when replacing a chimney flashing.

Be sure to inform yourself and have the right tools and materials like a caulking gun, about 2 tubes of silicone caulk, (used to seal the flashing) screws, nails and a drill or a hammer.

Replacing process

You need to understand how the task must be done so that the result will be as efficient as possible. When layering the flashing, never secure it to the roof itself, but to the chimney, using screws or nails. Be careful not to damage the roof shingles when you pull them away from the flashing, because you will surely need them.

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