Chimney flue liner replacement

Maintaining your chimney flue liner will increase the efficiency of the chimney draft. The chimney flue liner prevents toxic gases from entering the house, protects the inner masonry of the chimney from corrosion and increases the draft efficiency of the chimney.

Chimney draft

Chimney draft is crucial for an efficient chimney.

It is basically the process of eliminating hot, contaminated gas through the chimney. If the draft isn’t efficient enough, the smoke coming from the fire will enter the house. Usually, a blocked chimney has lower draft and so the chimney can’t suck the smoke and hot air out.

Chimney flue liner – chimney draft

A new chimney flue liner can help increase the efficiency of the chimney draft. Because the bricks and mortar of the chimney begin to ware of, small gaps occur and so the draft is no longer efficient. A flue liner allows the air it to pull itself out. Using a cast-in-place liner is said to repair almost any chimney structural damage.

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