Chimney flue types

If you are looking for a chimney flue, you will have to choose from one of the 3 types of flues available: Clay, metal and concrete flues.

Clay flues

Clay flues are considered the most popular of all the flue types. Because the flue is made out of clay tiles, it is very affordable and can resist for up to 80 years.

Even so, because the clay flue hasn’t got a very good heat resistance, it will crack and needs to be replaced. Overall clay flues are cheap but not too effective. They require maintenance and can’t be used in gas fireplaces.

Metal flues

Metal flues are either made out of stainless steel or aluminum. While stainless steel flues can be used in oil, wood or gas fireplace, the aluminum flues can only be effective in gas fireplace. To protect the metal flues, it is recommended to use insulation.

Concrete flues

Concrete flues also known as cast-in-place flues are popular because of their property of strengthening old chimneys. It is essentially a concrete pathway through which toxic gasses exit the chimney. It can be used for pretty much any type of fireplace. The fact that the concrete flue is more resistant than other types makes it more costly but nevertheless more efficient.

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