Chimney liner cleaning

Chimney maintenance is very important. Cleaning any debris, soot and other unpleasant materials that gather up the chimney flue keeps you home safe from fire hazards and other issues. Hiring a professional to clean the chimney is efficient nevertheless doing the task your self is not that hard either.

It will also save you some money.

Tools and Materials:

  • Long Handled Brush
  • Small Brush
  • Outdoor Vacuum Cleaner
  • Ladder

Proper brush

You will need a proper brush in order to clean the chimney flue. It must have a long handle and size. Flue sizes are different from chimney to chimney, but most of them are either 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches.


You should open the exterior door that leads to the flue. This door is at the bottom of the chimney. Debris you might have moved out of the way will fall there, making it easier to collect and dispose. After that, get on the roof using a ladder. It is recommended that someone holds the ladder for you.

Chimney access

Get on the roof and access the chimney liner. You will see what is called a flue screen. Using a small brush, clean that screen, then get the big brush to clean the rest of the flue liner. It is not safe to do this task while staying on the ladder.

Clean the liner

If the liner is square, you just have to lower the brush down and pull it up in order to clean the chimney flue liner. In the case of round liners, spin the brush counterclockwise whilst lowering it into the chimney and then pull it out. Repeat the process until you think the chimney looks clean and then place the cap back on.

Finishing touches

Clean any soot that might have fallen during the cleaning process. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any soot and dirt that may be at the bottom of the flue liner. Close the flue door when done.

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