Chimney pipe purchasing tips

The proper chimney pipe will assure that the heating is effective and safe. Standard chimney pipes are called class A pipes. A chimney pipe must withstand high temperatures and are suitable for gas, wood, coal and oil burning stoves.

Pipe size

The pipe mustn’t be too small or too large, because it will not fit the flue properly or it can allow water to seep in. Creosote buildup is the most common issue of the chimney pipe. Choose the suitable one for you. It comes in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 or 18 inch pipe. Measure the flue opening to find out the pipe diameter you will need.

Walled pipes

You must choose between double and triple walled pipes. The triple walled pipe is more efficient because of the extra layer of insulation. Also, the triple walled pipe is 25% more expensive than the double walled pipe.

Pipe warranty

Make sure you inform yourself about the pipe warranty. Most warranties range between 25 years and lifetime. The producer can offer warranties for only some pre-selected group of contractors that install chimney pipes. Sometimes, the warranty is canceled if you install the pipe yourself or if you select some other producer’s accessories.

UL list

Class A pipes are generally UL listed. These pipes must pass an intense series of tests. Heat resistance is very important. These pipes must resist to a temperature of 1,700 degrees. Also, you can choose a UL 103HT pipe, that can withstand temperatures of 2,100 degrees. This pipe adds a bonus safety feature and costs the same as the UL 103 pipe.

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