Chimney pot installation

All you need to install a chimney pot and avoid unwanted surprises is the right set of instructions and the right tools.

Proper chimney pot

If you already have a right sized pot, it will not hang at the corners over the flu liner more than a quarter of an inch.  Find out the dimensions of the flue opening and note the widest dimension down.

The chimney pot must be at least as wide as this. To increase draft, the top dimensions must be as wide or more than the liner’s widest dimension.

Multiple flues

Having multiple flues means you will need  an extra large chimney pot that can cover both. But this way, the draft and airflow are affected. That is why you should use one pot for each flue you have.

Large pot issues

If your chimney doesn’t seem right for a large chimney pot, you should place a grid on the flue top and cut it at the same height with the chimney top. Instead of installing a big pot, install two smaller ones on the grid. You can even purchase pots that are larger at the base and smaller at the top.

Flue tile

Any excess flue tile extending over the chimney top to avoid water getting into the spot bellow the chimney pot, freezing and causing damage to the pot. A masonry blade or a circular saw could be used to cut the excess tile.


Even if chimney pots are very resistant, the mortar will erode and crack over time. Using a trowel, tamper the mortar up properly when you apply it. Thus, rainwater will not be trapped and freeze, causing damage to the pot.

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