Chimney pots types

Chimney pots come in different types and do different things. Most people overlook the pots, because the differences are most of the times not so obvious.

Masonry pot

The masonry pot is one of the most common of all chimney pots.

It is either made of brick or of stone. The pot is build at the same time as the chimney, representing an integral piece of the home. The masonry pot surrounds the chimney flue and has a clay tile liner between it and the flue. When building a chimney masonry pot, a lot of mortar is used. Over time, the mortar will have to be replaced or filled through the so called re-pointing process, because it will wear out and erode. This type of pots is surely the most costly of all because it is very time consuming to construct it.

Manufactured pot

Cheaper than a masonry pot, the pre-manufactured pot is made to look like it is part of the house, but the downside of this type of pot is that it may need a certain type of fireplace to work as it should. The upside of this chimney pot is that it doesn’t require maintenance.

Metal pots

Metal pots are of different types. All of them are round shaped so they fit the chimney. The mass insulated chimney pot is made of two layers of stainless steel that have insulation between them. This helps keep the house warm.

Air cooled pots have no insulation but this helps the heat dissipate from the chimney through the steel layers.

Another type of pots don’t let the air to flow between the layers and has no insulation either. The air is trapped between the layers and at the same time is used as an insulation.

Mixed pot

Some chimney pots can be the result of different design combinations. These pots are made to establish the best insulation and heat dispersion and are made specifically for a type of fireplace.

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