Chimney rebuilding costs

Often, a chimney is less expensive to rebuild than to repair, in case of damage. You must take everything in consideration before deciding what to do.

Measuring the chimney

The costs of rebuilding a chimney are determined majorly by its size.

You must find out the dimensions of the chimney. If you have the house plan, it should include the chimney’s dimensions there. If not, measure the height and width of the chimney, careful to remeasure each area if, for example, the chimney is wider at the base.

Materials needed

The material you want to use will surely have an effect on your money spending. If you will use standard bricks, you will save some money whilst if you plan on using natural stone or other materials, the costs will surely rise.

Cost per square inch

Rebuilding a chimney costs from $100 to $200 per square inch. The costs will vary depending on the amount of labor and the material you want to use. Rebuilding the chimney yourself will drastically lower your costs.

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