Chimney relining

Relining a chimney is an important task if the existing one is damaged. A liner can be damaged by rough weather conditions and lack of maintenance which can lead to fires and elimination of toxins. To swiftly fix any problems, the chimney should be checked regularly.

Damaged flue

A damaged flue will permit toxic gases to enter the house. Damage can be caused by the byproducts that are produced when burning fuel, which eats through the flue. Chimneys are commonly constructed with a terracotta liner that lasts about 10 years before it starts to break down.

Damaged chimney issues

Each year, 200 people die because of damaged chimney flues that permit poisons to enter the house and thousands other suffer from chronic headaches or have a constant state of illness because of broken chimney systems.

Chimney relining

A good way or repairing your chimney is to reline it. One of the best choices are the flexible liners made out of stainless steel. Unfortunately, most homeowners consider chimney maintenance when a problem appears and the damage is already done.

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