Chimney removal safety tips

When planning on removing your chimney, regardless of the reason, safety is extremely important. You must be careful not to damage the house, roof or hurt yourself in the process. Here are a few tips:

Protect yourself

In the chimney removing process, you will encounter many dangerous situations due to the breaking off of bricks and mortar.

This is why you will need proper protective gear:

  • Safety goggles or glasses.
  • A dust mask or respirator.
  • Utility gloves made of leather or durable synthetic materials.
  • Sturdy work clothes that provide extensive coverage.
  • Ear plugs or coverings.

Using a safety harness while working at heights is a good way of protecting yourself.

Avoid structural damage

First of all you must know the connection between the house, roof and chimney. Find out if your chimney is attached to structural supports or joints of the house and evaluate your possibilities of chimney removal, considering what you found out about the house.

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