Chimney stove pipe installation

The chimney stove pipe connects the stove to the chimney flue. Depending on the chimney type, you will need to choose a specific type of stove pipe. You need to take some facts into consideration when you install or replace such a pipe.

Chimney type

Because a stove pipe won’t go through walls, ceilings or windows, it must be connected to an existing masonry chimney or insulated steel chimney. Check local building official to make sure that you respect all safety codes and have the proper type of heating unit.


There mustn’t be anything in a eighteen inch range of the stove pipe. This includes walls, ceilings, mantels, furniture and any object that could ignite. Some stove pipes must be only 9 inches away from any flammable object. Do not be tempted to choose that type of pipe right away. These pipes are made of heavy gauge steel and heat up very much.


A stove pipe is made out of 22 or 24 gauge steel. It usually has a heat resistant black paint, or is covered with baked-on porcelain. A double-walled pipe or an insulated one can stand closer to walls, ceiling, furniture and other flammable objects, because it will not heat as much at the exterior, allowing the outer wall to cool much more.

Pipe type

Stove pipes come in many shapes and are usually connected to the chimney flue that goes through a wall or a ceiling. Be careful to properly connect the pipe to avoid any problems. The connectors will withstand high temperatures without endangering the surroundings.


Although you can purchase stove pipe kits, usually you will have to buy individual pieces that will cost from 10 to 100 dollars. The overall cost of the entire system will reach about 100 – 200 dollars.

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