Chimney top installation

The chimney top, allows fumes and smoke to exit the chimney, but forbid things like small animals, birds and rainwater from entering the chimney.

Tools and Materials:

  • Drill
  • Masonry bit
  • Tapcon screws
  • Chimney top
  • Heat and water resistant silicone
  • Phillips head screwdriver

About materials

A concrete chimney with no exposed metal flue needs tapcons so that the chimney top can be anchored to the chimney. Purchasing a masonry bit to pre-drill the concrete will save you time and effort.

Using silicone is not mandatory but it will help better protect the chimney. If you wish to use silicone, be sure to choose a type that can resist to at least 1500 degrees and is waterproof.

Safety issues

Wearing a pair of heavy leather gloves is more than recommended because most chimney tops consist of metal sheets that have sharp edges. Metal sheets are durable, lightweight and easy to handle.

Chimney top type

Whilst some chimney tops are cut to certain dimensions so that they fit on the outside of the flue, some are cut to fit inside the flue.

External chimney tops

If you want to install an external chimney top, you must place it on top of the flue until it completely covers the flue top. Use self-tapping metal screws to secure the top onto the chimney. If you want additional water protection, use waterproof silicone on the bottom gap. A chimney that doesn’t have an exposed metal flue needs to be pre-drilled with a masonry bit so that you can use tapcons.

Internal chimney tops

Place the chimney top on top of the flue and secure it in place seating it inside. When the base of the chimney top is flush with the flue top, it is strongly recommended to apply some heat-resistant and water-resistant silicone around the flue to be sure water won’t seep in.

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