Clay chimney liner advantages

From all the materials a chimney liner can the build out of, clay is probably the best choice. Of course, steel, metal and cast-in-place liners are also efficient.

Heat issues

Probably the best quality of a clay chimney liner is the fact that it stops heat from leaving the burning chamber.

Thus improving the overall chimney efficiency. Also, clay will not burn or ignite under high temperatures.


To assure that your chimney liner functions properly for more than a lifetime, be sure to finish all the joints correctly before you use the fireplace. There have been clay liners that have lasted even 500 years.

Non corrosive

To be kept efficient, a clay liner must always be dry and clean. Even under the effects of moisture, the clay liner cannot corrode or rust.


Clay is a very resistant material. It won’t suffer any considerable damage throughout the years. It requires minimum maintenance.


The clay liner is fairly cheap because clay is a very resourceful material. It is very good when used to build fireplaces and ovens, and will last throughout the years. Overall, the clay liner is a very cost-effective choice.


  • Properly fix the clay blocks in the heating oven or fireplace, avoiding unnecessary gaps. Clay liners are especially effective in round chimneys, assuring a better escape route for the smoke.
  • Maintaining a clay liner’s efficiency can be done just by cleaning it of ashes, dust, dirt and debris.
  • Inspect the chimney as frequently as possible.
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