Cleaning a fireplace chimney

Cleaning a fireplace chimney is a relatively easy task that can be accomplished in a few steps.


  1. Purchase a set of brushes and extension rods.
  2. Protect yourself from dust and dirt, by wearing old clothes, a dust mask and goggles.
    Place a sheet in front of the fireplace and then cover the fireplace opening.
  3. Open the metal chimney damper, that is above the fireplace.
  4. Carefully climb on top of the roof.
  5. Remove and inspect the the chimney cap. It is a very important part of the chimney, that protects it from animals, sparks, rain and debris.
  6. Connect the rods to the brushes, according to the producer’s manual.
  7. Using a up and down movement, brush the inner walls of the chimney.
  8. Using a short brush, clean the chimney flue and the part that connects the chimney with the fireplace.
  9. Use a brush or a vacuum to get rid of the ashes in the damper and fireplace.
  10. Sweep the floors and the walls of the chimney.
  11. Brush all the creosote buildups off.
  12. Vacuum the dust and debris once more.


  • Do not forget to take the brush and rods up on the roof with you.
  • Be careful when you get on the roof.
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