Cleaning a wood stove chimney flue

A wood stove or a wood heater must have its flues cleaned twice each heating season to assure its functionality and efficiency.


  1. Find out the dimensions of the flue and buy a right sized chimney brush. Also, buy some connecting rod handles.
  2. Connect the rods to the chimney brush and setup the ladder.
  3. Get onto the roof and lower the chimney brush into the chimney. Clean the inner walls of the chimney lowering and pulling the brush out. Repeat the process until the chimney is clean.
  4. Wearing protective gloves, clear out any debris that are in the clean out of the chimney. If the chimney doesn’t have a clean out, you must disconnect the lower section of the flue pipe and clean it.


  • If you have an assistant, you can use a rope tied to the brush instead of rods.
  • The chimney flue should be cleaned in warmer days, that don’t require the use of a the fireplace.
  • To protect the chimney from fires, replace the flue pipe each few years.
  • Chimney cleaning logs will not completely clean the flue.
  • Clean the chimney flue before you start the first fire of that season.
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