Cleaning log burning

Using cleaning logs will result in a not so often professional chimney sweep need. The special substances in the cleaning logs attach to the creosote making it break off. It also renders such buildups fireproof.


Your chimney must be inspected by a professional. He will establish any issues your chimney might have encountered. The fireplace should be inspected at least twice a month. Using cleaning logs will reduce the number of times a professional sweeper must come and clean the chimney.

Choose wisely

Cleaning products work in different ways. Cleaning logs work for wood burning stoves and fireplaces whilst other cleaning products need some extra help like brushes and scrapes to effectively do their job.


A fireplace which is rarely used will surely benefit from cleaning logs. The price of cleaning logs is of about 50$ per pack of 3. The savings will grow on the long run if you use the logs at least once a month.

Sweeping still necessary

Chimney cleaning logs only reduce the times a professional sweeper must pay you a visit and clean your chimney. Using these logs doesn’t mean you will never have to hire a professional sweeper again.

Cleaning logs make your fireplace safe. They are designed to help you save money and are recommended only for long term use.

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