Cleaning wood stove chimney pipe

A proper chimney pipe will make sure that your wood stove functions the right way. A stovepipe connects the top of the wood stove to the chimney pipe or directly to the chimney. A wood stove doesn’t require pipes to heat a room.

Stove chimney pipes can be found in various dimensions, that suit different types of stoves.

A chimney pipe must be regularly cleaned in order to maintain the efficiency of the whole heating system. Regardless of the type of wood you use, cleaning should never be delayed. Getting rid of tar and other byproducts buildups, will prevent a fire hazard from happening.

You’ll Need

  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Face shield
  • Mechanical stovepipe cleaning kit
  • Flashlight

Measuring and purchasing

You will need to find out the dimensions of the chimney pipe. Any instruction you may have been given when you purchased the pipes should contain the right information so that you can purchase the right cleaning kit. If you need any help, the hardware store vendor will aid you in your search.


After disconnecting the interior pipe, use a flashlight to inspect it.


Using the wire brush you bought, scrub the interior of the pipe to clean it. A bag or a bucket placed under the pipe to collect the debris is recommended. Repeat the scrubbing motion until the byproducts buildup is removed.


When you are done cleaning, put the pipe back where you took it from, reconnecting the stove and chimney.

Cleaning logs

For extra cleaning, purchase and burn cleaning logs. The special substances in these logs will make the creosote break and fall into the fireplace as small particles. This way, your creosote buildup problems are simplified.

Professional help

To verify if your chimney is safe, you could request the fire department to help you with the inspection.

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