Connecting chimney pipe to stove

An easy and efficient way of providing an exhaust for an indoor stove is represented by the chimney pipe. Connecting the stove to a chimney pipe will offer it an exhaust path through the chimney. The process is relatively easy and efficient.

Tools and materials needed

  • Tape measure
  • Stovepipe
  • Wall thimble
  • Screwdriver (powered or simple)
  • Screws
  • Saw (if necessary)
  • Fireproof sealant (optional)

Be informed

Inform yourself on how to make the process and function of this connection as safe and efficient as you can. Talk to an insurance agency and ask for advice on the situation.


You will need a stovepipe, to connect the stove to the chimney. Talk to the stove producer to find out what pipe is suitable for your stove. A 23-gauge pipe is in most cases, the best solution, because it offers the best draft. The diameter of the chimney opening will determine the stovepipes diameter, whilst the flue opening of the stove is determined by the connector pipe.

Stovepipe length

The stovepipe and connector pipe mustn’t be too long. In that case, leaks can occur and draft will surely have to suffer. These pipes come in many sizes, but can be cut to the right dimensions.

Chimney thimble attachment

If there isn’t already, a chimney thimble must be attached to the chimney opening to allow the pipe to fit in the opening. This is done to prevent airflow problems and the build-up of soot.

Connect the pipes

Connect the pipes together, pushing what is called a “male” end into the “female” end. The two pieces will securely snap in place. The male end is pointing downwards to avoid leaks. A secure pipe connection is vital to avoid vibrations or even worse hazards. The pipe system should be as straight forward as possible. More than one bend in the pipe system will disrupt and airflow. Because of the residue oil in the pipes, you must open the windows the first type you use the pipe system because of the smoke it will make.

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