Does your chimney need a flue liner?

Most people think about installing a flue liner, so that they can use an old chimney without the risk of getting fumes to enter the house. Some people connect the wood or gas stove to an old chimney without taking into consideration the fact that it might not be the best plan. Over the years, a chimney becomes weakened and infested with mold, toxins and byproduct build-ups.

Anyway, before trying to install a flue liner, you must first inspect the chimney and determine whether or not you need a flue liner or not.

You will need

  • Stepladder
  • Flashlight

Inspect the exterior

Check the exterior of the chimney. Look for damaged bricks, missing flue tiles. If you spot areas with these issues, you need a flue liner. Also, if the chimney doesn’t stick out 3 feet from the roof, you will need a flue liner. After that, inspect the entrance of the chimney. Any signs of discoloration or staining means the chimney requires a flue liner.

Inspect the interior

Using a flashlight, inspect the interior of the chimney. Look for loose flue tiles, missing mortar or any other signs of damage. If you see these signs, you need to install a flue liner. Also, if the chimney seems to shift away from its original position, a chimney flue liner is needed.

Inspect the stove

Check for creosote, tar or discoloration around the exhaust pipes of the stove. Any signs like these mean that you need to install a chimney flue liner. After that you must browse around and search for the proper liner for your chimney. Possibly the most commonly used and one of the most efficient flue liners, is the stainless steel liner. It represents an option that must be taken into consideration.

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