Fixing a leaky chimney

A leaky chimney is a serious problem. Not only that the chimney will allow water to enter your home, but it will also bring with it a lot of toxic waste, mold and creosote. It’s very important to keep the chimney sealed.


  1. It’s easier to see water infiltration from the inside of the chimney. Look for stains or for swollen drywall. Inspect the chimney cap because this is the most common problem. Look for cracks if it’s made from concrete.
  2. Most of the chimneys are made from bricks. Look for loose mortar and cracks in the bricks. It’s very important to inspect the flashings. See if it’s properly fixed on the roof.
  3. Problems with the cap can be solved by replacing it, or you can repair it by covering it with new materials. You can use a commercial clear waterproofing agent as a protective coat. One of the best ways to solve the problem is to have a copper cap especially made for your chimney.  The copper will serve as a membrane.
  4. Masonry chimneys can be coated with a clear waterproofing agent. Apply two coats for maximum efficiency. Let it run down the bricks to assure a good seal. Make sure the sealant is good quality.
  5. If the problem is caused by the flashing, then you should hire a professional to do the job for you. The installation process of the flashing is a little more tricky and should be done correctly.


  • Get the opinion of a professional before you do anything.
  • Apply the water proofing agent at a low pressure.
  • You can buy waterproofing agents from any brick supplier or home improvement store.
  • Make sure that your chimney is clean. This will prevent any problems related to black mold and creosote.
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