Flexible flue liner advantages

Unlike a rigid flue liner, the flexible flue liner contracts and expands depending on the temperature. In many cases, a faulty chimney is so because of the flue. liner.

Flue liner installation

A flexible flue liner is easier to install because it’s made out of a single long piece that slides down the chimney. This type of flue liner is cheaper, easier to install and more efficient.

Flue liner functionality

The flexible flue liner is easier to install even in tall chimneys. It can be adjusted to fit just about any chimney, even if it has bends or curves.

Flue liner maintenance

A flexible flue liner is easier to clean and maintain. It is easy to remove the flue liner from the chimney for a more efficient cleaning. The costs for maintenance are significantly lowered.

Flue liner safety

Flexible flue liners prevent creosote from building up as in rigid flue liners. This reduces the chance of a fire hazard, making the house safer.

Flue liner draft improvement

The low creosote buildup leads to a better draft which also leads to lower energy bills.

Flue liner value

If you will ever want to sell the house, the flexible flue liner will surely increase the value of the house.

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