How about supply ventilation systems?

A type of ventilation is made through supply systems. It is formed out of a fan and duct structure, so it is quite easy and cheap to install. It attracts air into a rooms or several other and pressurizes the building.

The system provides better handling of the air that arrives inside as opposed to the exhaust type. Pollutants don’t get in and neither do pollen or dust. Gases from appliances or fireplaces are prevented to back draft.

Supply ventilation systems are best suited for any climate, other than the cold ones. During winter, warm air leaks through the wall and ceiling, as they have small cracks. Then, it builds up in the attic and or on the outside wall and mold decay, mildew appear.

There is a part concerning the energy used by a supply ventilation system. It is not a cheap device because it doesn’t remove the moisture from the outside air that is about to be brought in the house. Also, the new air needs to be mixed with the inside one to avoid cool air drafts (we are thinking about winter). Adding an in-line duct heater can be of help but adds extra costs.

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