Preventing chimney flashing leaks

A chimney flashing is used to prevent leaks in the roof that can cause unwanted home damage. The flashing must be regularly inspected to assure that it works properly. The flashing protects your roof and your money.

Extending the chimney flashing

The chimney flashing must overlap the shingles on the roof. It must cover the roof 5 inches in all directions around the chimney and 3 inches up the chimney itself.

Seal and tar

Apply a 2 inch layer of roofing tar on around the chimney before you install the chimney flashing. Make sure the tar doesn’t have air bubbles. It must be smooth so that the flashing doesn’t bend and let water infiltrate into the roof.

Maintenance and cleaning

Make sure you inspect the chimney flashing often. Maintenance and cleaning are very important to assure the efficiency and durability of the flashing. Remove and debris and dirt off the flashing each time you inspect it. Other elements like water and wind will damage the tar in time so maintenance is crucial.

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